Transforming the future
of trustless digital ecosystems through the creation of next-generation technologies
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The mission of the Waves Association is to support and drive the creation of next-generation technologies to help build trustless digital ecosystems in decentralized collaborative environments and organizations.

Waves Association (WA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the global adoption of the Web 3.0 paradigm: fostering research and education, governance within the Waves ecosystem, and providing grants for projects developing on the Waves infrastructure.


Focusing on the implementation of the following foundations:



Support and development for Waves technology: infrastructure, decentralized networks, and various development tools



The Grant Program is aimed to incentivize individual developers, teams and startups to build and work on projects that will contribute to the ecosystem and achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology through the creation of diverse use cases in the Waves ecosystem.



W.A aims to establish an open platform to drive multidirectional conversations and a support system for community members in order to identify current and future challenges, needs and expectations, and as a result collaborate on solutions in the Waves ecosystem. Through these channels, it aims to facilitate transparent communication in order to manage community expectation and develop trust.

Additionally, not only is WA a central point of information for Waves development, but it also supports events on a global scale such as conferences and hackathons, in order to support those building on Waves technologies, and to also onboard new community memebers. . As it is a community driven organisation, community growth is a huge priority in order to encourage collaboration and creativity and achieve the goals of the Association much faster than before.



Implementation of decision-making on the blockchain: voting process on major issues and updates. In the near future, DAO-style governance will be adopted.


Research and education

Active collaborations with universities, research centers, industries, and governments worldwide. Waves Association also supports the production of educational courses and material with the aim to onboard more people into the Web 3.0 ecosystem.


Open-source blockchain technology for dApps as well as decentralized solutions: combined with both security and high transaction speeds for a wide range of on-chain operations. Waves technology supports decentralized application (dApp) development of dApps. RIDE is a purpose-designed programming language for smart contracts that offer formal verification with flat fees (no ‘gas’), resulting in low and predictable operating costs and a zero failure rate for transactions.

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