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Gravity Protocol

Gravity Protocol – a blockchain interability solution that enables the exchange of assets and information between heterogeneous blockchains – including Waves, Waves Enterprise, side chains, various non-Waves blockchains (e.g. Ethereum), and other information systems.


Waves Matter

Waves Matter – a framework or blockchain engine with a user-friendly interface for creating and customizing your own blockchain. Make it public or private, choose your consensus algorithm, encryption and deployment modes. Control who can connect, send/receive transactions, assets and blocks. Write your blockchain logic and contracts in any language.



Sharding – scaling mechanisms for increasing the performance of the corporate blockchain. This should take into account the possibility of conducting private transactions by enabling operations between related sub-blockchains, or shards from the main blockchain. This is valuable for solutions with high performance requirements, solutions with hierarchical interaction structures, and participants who want to maintain data privacy.