Waves Grants is a grant program introduced by the WA for individual blockchain developers, teams and start-ups willing and able to implement ideas that serve the Waves ecosystem’s interests.

We encourage developers to create solutions for specific use cases. However, ideas related to other aspects of blockchain are also welcome


The amount of funding is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the complexity of technical requirements, specifics of a suggested solution, needs of the developer/team, the scale and importance of the project for Waves and other criteria.

All payments are made in WAVES. The payment process is determined individually and depends on the project implementation schedule.

DAO driven

The grant issue and awarding procedures are performed via DAO. Individual developers and teams alike can take part in the grant program. The same developer or team can apply for an unlimited number of tasks but no more than one at a time.

For more details, read Waves Grant Policy.


  1. Choose the grant type
  2. Fill out an application form on Github
  3. You will be contacted to request additional information if necessary
  4. Follow the Grant issue Procedure — collaborate with WA to prepare a development process outline, provide reports or just take part in hacatons depending on the chosen grant type.
  5. Enjoy the grant program digital model: members make decisions on grant issue via a DAO built on the Waves

Disruptive Tech Grant

The grant amount is
Up to 300,000 WAVES
Tasks will be announced shortly. A submission period will be open in April 2021.

Disruptive Tech Grant is awarded to individual developers, teams and start-ups to implement tasks assigned by the Waves Association and dedicated to developing solutions that meet the rapidly accelerating Waves ecosystem’s needs, such as interoperability or DeFi mass adoption.

Web 3.0 Development Grant

The grant amount is
Up to 100,000 WAVES
Open call for applications is ongoing now

Web 3.0 Development Grant is awarded for creating a product based on the Waves protocol that resolves a specific problem, such as providing innovative DeFi functionality, interoperability or required tooling.

Interhack Grant

The grant amount is
Up to 100,000 WAVES
Hackathons will be announced shortly. Tasks will be announced shortly. A submission period will be open in April 2021.

Interhack grants are awarded for building innovative solutions at hackathons in accordance with assignments provided by the Waves Association.